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Khidir Mazlan

Khidir Mazlan

AMM Architect, Xave

Highly recommend Wind for international money transfers. Exceptional service, user-friendly interface, and low fees. A valuable partner for seamless and cost-effective transactions.

Sharene Lee

Sharene Lee

Co-Founder & COO, Takadao

We are extremely happy with the services provided by Wind.App. They are one of the fastest and most cost-efficient On-ramp / Off-ramp services that we've worked with to date.

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20.50 USDC

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4979.50 USDC

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The number of Wind wallets hacked: zero!

Wind is a self-custodial MPC smart-contract wallet secured by blockchain. The only person who has control over your account is you. We can’t block you from accessing your money - even if we wanted to!

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We support in 38 countries

Australia (AU)


Bangladesh (BD)


Benin (BJ)


Botswana (BW)


Brazil (BR)


Cameroon (CM)


Congo, Democratic Republic of the (CD)


Cambodia (KH)


China (CN)


Ethiopia (ET)


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Frequently Asked Questions

Wind is a non-custodial wallet built on the Polygon blockchain. With Wind, you can send and receive money (in the form of stablecoins) anywhere in the world at near-free transaction fees and instantly. You can participate in DeFi earn strategies, trade in decentralized exchanges, and (soon) buy and sell NFTs all from your Wind wallet.
With a non-custodial wallet like Wind, you have sole control of your private keys, which in turn control your cryptocurrency and prove the funds are yours. No one apart from you can access your funds, even us! This makes a wallet like Wind the safest wallets out there! Note: Always secure your wallet, since if you lose your private keys - even we can’t access it!
Stablecoins are digital assets pegged to a dollar. Meaning that no matter what - your stablecoins will always be redeemable to USD. We use USDc as our primary stablecoin - the most trusted and regulated coin available.
To earn yield on Wind, you can utilize our integrated protocols such as Aave and Affine. Aave offers approximately a 2% yield, while Affine provides up to a 15% yield. We continuously improve our platform to secure the highest and safest yield opportunities for you. Remember to evaluate the risks and conduct research before investing. Capital is at risk. Interest is offered through third-party investment products.
We have partnered up with the most secure and reliable exchanges of digital assets, where you can do a quick KYC check and use your bank account or card to purchase/add tokens to your wind account. You can also withdraw the assets that you have received/bought to your bank account through similar channels.

Download the app from Play Store or App Store, or sign up on the web version with nothing but your email! Set a PIN and unique username and you're ready to explore the world of web3.

Yes! You can find and download our app from the Play Store or App Store. You can even sign up from the web version.

Yes, there are fees associated with sending and receiving, these are basically network fees for all the hard work it does and the sender always bears it. Don't fret - the charges of sending are less than 1c!
Your username is unique and is one of the key identifiers of your profile. So you will not be able to change them once set.
DeFi is a decentralized financial ecosystem that is open to individuals and institutions from all over the world. It provides new methods to participate and earn in a decentralized financial ecosystem. Based on Ethereum, It allows users to borrow, lend, trade, and bank digital assets.

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