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Pay your remote team in the Philippines at the best rates

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Wind is a self-custodial payments app that allows remote companies in the United States pay their employees in the Philippines.

Wind payroll allows companies to run batch payments and pay remote teams at near zero transfer fees from the US to the Philippines. Employees have cash out options in the Philippines, and can withdraw their fundss locally at any time without incurring high transfer fees. This helps companies to efficiently pay their remote teams in different locations in a few simple steps at low costs.

Signing up for Wind is very straightforward. Only a valid email address and company name are required to get started. Once the business account is created, the company can then invite team members to join the business service. Adding members is also super easy. Companies can either upload a CSV file containing the list of team members they want to add, or choose to add each team member manually.

Raise invoice and get paid from your clients

Streamline your income, reduce unpaid invoices, and get paid faster with the lowest fee. Wind’s invoicing saves you time, gets you paid.

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To get paid, team members first need a Wind account. They can either create a new account or even use an existing one. Once they are invited to become a team member of Wind’s business service by their company, they will automatically receive payments whenever the company runs the payroll.

Team members with a Wind salary account can send, receive, swap, and withdraw funds as they please. However, they can only receive or add funds from the US.

Send Money in laser speed

Cash out money to your local bank account or e-wallet at the cheapest rates

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Wind business addresses the needs of remote companies in the United States by helping them streamline their payment processes. Additionally, the fast and easy sign-up process, and the ability for employees to conveniently receive payments and manage their funds, makes Wind business an ideal solution for remote companies.

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