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Borderless Payments,
for Remote Companies

Send payments to your remote team members with just a few clicks. Convenient for everyone!

For Business Use

Pay your remote team in the Philippines at the best rates

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Wind is a self-custodial payments solution designed to facilitate efficient payout management for remote companies worldwide.

Wind Payout simplifies batch payments, enabling remote teams to receive their earnings with minimal transfer fees, regardless of their location. Employees in various regions, including the Philippines, Vietnam, India, Indonesia, can conveniently cash out their funds locally, avoiding high transfer costs. This streamlined process allows companies to efficiently compensate their remote teams across different locations while keeping costs low.

The registration process for Wind is straightforward, requiring only a valid email address and company name to get started. Once the business account is set up, companies can easily invite team members to join the service. Adding team members can be done effortlessly through either uploading a CSV file containing the list of team members or manually adding them.

Raise invoice and get paid from your clients

Streamline your income, reduce unpaid invoices, and get paid faster with the lowest fee. Wind’s invoicing saves you time, gets you paid.

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To receive payments through Wind's business service, team members must have a Wind account, which can be either a new or existing one. Once invited by their company to join Wind's business service, team members will automatically receive their payments whenever the company runs a payout.

Team members with a Wind account have the flexibility to send, receive, swap, and withdraw funds as needed.

Send Money in laser speed

Cash out money to your local bank account or e-wallet at the cheapest rates

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Wind Business is tailored to meet the payment processing needs of remote companies worldwide, offering a seamless solution for managing payments efficiently. Its user-friendly registration process and the convenience it provides to employees for receiving payments and managing their finances make it an ideal choice for remote companies.

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