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Use Google or Apple Pay straight away

No need to wait for the physical currency card. You can also use your Wind crypto card with Apple Pay or Google Pay.

Privacy and data

Wind is a self-custody wallet which means your money is truly yours. We can never lock you out or freeze your funds.

Freeze and unfreeze your card instantly

If your card is lost, a transaction appears unfamiliar, or you simply wish to temporarily refrain from using it, you can secure your funds by freezing it.

Your Favorite Currencies & Assets

Hold and manage over 40 currencies and 100+ tokens.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prepare yourself for the upcoming launch of the Wind card. Reserve your spot on the waitlist today, ensuring that you're among the privileged few to receive it first.
The initial launch will feature the digital card, enabling you to seamlessly commence using it through Google Pay or Apple Pay. Subsequently, we will introduce the Wind physical card for your convenience.
Upon the physical card's arrival, we will promptly inform you through email. You'll then be required to complete a shipping information form, allowing us to send the Wind card to your designated address anywhere around the globe.

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