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Why us?

Opt for Wind if you're looking for a secure, instant cross-border payment solution that comes with almost no processing fees and provides the best FX rate. We're available in 38 countries and offer a wide range of tokens on the Polygon chain.

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Get paid in your USD Account

Self-custody wallet holds as USDC

Batch payouts in crypto or fiat

0% fee on crypto-to-crypto payments

Transfer to 38 local currencies

Send USDC to people all over the world

Get up to 7% interest, safely!

No monthly fee, beat inflation!

Exchange rate

Receive USD in minutes, transfer to 38 countries

Transfer any amount so you can send when you need to. Free from hidden fees and exchange rate markups!

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You send exactly



20.50 USDC

Transaction fee

4979.50 USDC

We pay out

0.00 PHP

Exchange Rate

Recipient gets


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What others say

Khidir Mazlan

Khidir Mazlan

AMM Architect, Xave

Highly recommend Wind for international money transfers. Exceptional service, user-friendly interface, and low fees. A valuable partner for seamless and cost-effective transactions.

Sharene Lee

Sharene Lee

Co-Founder & COO, Takadao

We are extremely happy with the services provided by Wind.App. They are one of the fastest and most cost-efficient On-ramp / Off-ramp services that we've worked with to date.


The number of Wind wallets hacked: zero!

Wind is a self-custodial MPC smart-contract wallet secured by blockchain. The only person who has control over your account is you. We can’t block you from accessing your money - even if we wanted to!

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Key features

Our global coverage

We support in 38 countries

Australia (AU)


Bangladesh (BD)


Benin (BJ)


Botswana (BW)


Brazil (BR)


Cameroon (CM)


Congo, Democratic Republic of the (CD)


Cambodia (KH)


China (CN)


Ethiopia (ET)


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Frequently Asked Questions

With Wind you can run payroll using our batch payments tool. Pay all your employees, with near zero transfer fees, from the US to the Philippines and they can withdraw their money locally at any time.
You will only need a valid email address, your company name, and your purpose for choosing Wind for your business.

Once you’ve created your business account, you have to invite the team members you want to pay through Wind. On your home screen you’ll find two options under the headline “Things To Do”.

To invite team members, tap the “Invite” button under the “Invite team members” option. You can either upload a CSV file containing the list of all the employees you want to add, or choose to add each member manually.

If you’ve already added team members, tap the “Run Payroll” button under the “Run Payroll” option and pay all your employees in three simple steps:

  1. Select the members you want to pay and enter the amount payable. (You can edit the amount for each member as you please)
  2. Review and check the amount sent and your account balance after the transfer.
  3. Complete payment by naming your payroll and confirming the transfer.
To get paid, you first need a Wind account. You can either create a new account or use your existing one. Once you’re invited to become a team member of Wind’s business service by your company, you’ll automatically receive payments whenever your company runs the payroll.

You can withdraw funds locally from any of our supported banks or through an e-wallet. For more information on this, check out the following links:

  1. Banks supported by Wind
  2. How To Withdraw Funds From Your Account Via Banks (With Verification)
  3. How To Withdraw Funds From Your Account Via Banks (Without Verification)
  4. How To Withdraw Funds From Your Account Via E-Wallets

Not a business? Try Wind Personal

Wind Personal is our self-custody Android/iOS app that helps you take control of your finance

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Not a business? Try Wind Personal
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