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Trusted by 100+ businesses and thousands of users globally

Seamless payment execution

Our global network of collections and disbursements partners settles in 38 currencies from and to stablecoins

Key features

Compliance first

We handle KYC and KYB, so you don’t have to

USD to Stablecoins

From USD to USDC via ACH rails

Stablecoin to local fiat

38 currencies supported

Competitive Pricing

No hidden charges or FX markups

What others say

Khidir Mazlan

Khidir Mazlan

AMM Architect, Xave

Highly recommend Wind for international money transfers. Exceptional service, user-friendly interface, and low fees. A valuable partner for seamless and cost-effective transactions.

Sharene Lee

Sharene Lee

Co-Founder & COO, Takadao

We are extremely happy with the services provided by Wind.App. They are one of the fastest and most cost-efficient On-ramp / Off-ramp services that we've worked with to date.

Our global coverage

We support in 38 countries

Australia (AU)


Bangladesh (BD)


Benin (BJ)


Botswana (BW)


Brazil (BR)


Cameroon (CM)


Congo, Democratic Republic of the (CD)


Cambodia (KH)


China (CN)


Ethiopia (ET)


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Frequently Asked Questions

To begin integrating with the Wind API, kindly submit a request detailing your needs here. Once you've contacted us, our team will review your requirements and set up a dedicated communication channel for the integration process. This could be through Slack Connect or any other preferred channel.

We look forward to assisting you in integrating Wind APIs seamlessly into your applications.

Our API documentation is readily available here. Once you've onboarded with us as an API client, you can navigate to the documentation section where you'll find detailed information about each API endpoint, request parameters, response formats, and authentication methods. Our documentation is designed to be comprehensive and user-friendly, helping you quickly integrate our APIs into your projects.

Getting your API key is a straightforward process. Once you've completed the onboarding as an API client, our team will promptly issue you an API key. This key is a unique identifier associated with your account and grants access to our APIs. You'll use this key to authenticate your requests, ensuring secure communication between your application and our platform. Should you require any assistance or have questions during the onboarding process, our dedicated support team is here to help every step of the way.

Yes, Wind is currently working on an API dashboard that will be launching very soon. This dashboard will allow you to monitor all your transactions, user history, addresses, and much more. Stay tuned for updates!

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Not a business? Try Wind Personal
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