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Borderless Payments,
for Freelancers

Get paid in USDc to your wallet by other Wind users or through Wind payroll for teams.

Our Mission

Empower creators, entrepreneurs and businesses of the new age to go beyond borders and limits.

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Wind, a cutting-edge self-custodial payments app, offers a multitude of advantages for freelancers globally.

Wind excels in enabling swift and direct money transfers, making it a valuable asset for freelancers working on time-sensitive projects. This feature ensures smooth and speedy payment transactions, which are crucial in their line of work.

One of Wind's standout features is its capability to reduce transaction fees to almost nothing for fund transfers. This cost-efficient feature holds particular benefits for corporate professionals who are well-acquainted with the fees linked to conventional banks and alternative payment platforms. Wind empowers these professionals to retain a larger share of their earnings, thereby augmenting their financial flexibility.

Wind extends its usefulness by offering a wide array of options for adding funds. These options encompass ACH (available exclusively in the United States) as well as Debit and Credit card payments. This versatility is incredibly valuable for global enterprises aiming to compensate remote freelancers with efficiency. Wind simplifies the fund-loading process, guaranteeing timely disbursements, regardless of whether payments are directed to individuals or routed through freelance agencies.

In terms of fund withdrawal, Wind provides professionals with the autonomy to choose between E-wallet or bank account withdrawal methods, giving them unparalleled flexibility.

Wind supports multi-currency off-ramps worldwide

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Additionally, Wind is compatible with a wide array of banks and e-wallets, furnishing corporate professionals with a comprehensive selection of options for fund withdrawal, tailored to their specific preferences.

Wind's self-custodial approach empowers professionals with full control over their assets, eliminating the need for third-party intermediaries. The inherent security measures in Wind ensure that not even the Wind team can access user funds, instilling absolute confidence in the safety and integrity of their assets.

Wind's advanced features empower corporate professionals & freelancers with efficiency and cost-effectiveness in financial dealings, along with an elevated level of flexibility, control, and security over their financial assets. Wind stands as an essential tool for freelancers worldwide, providing them with a streamlined and effective way to manage their financial matters while focusing on their growth.

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