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4 Steps to Wind Business: Direct Payouts


  • November 12, 2023
  • 3 min
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    Wind Business is a self-service business account provided by Wind, operating on a decentralized blockchain network. It’s a game-changer for cost-conscious businesses, offering transparent and competitive fees that slash expenses on international dealings. Enjoy blazing speed with near-instant cross-border payments, eliminating traditional banking delays. Expand globally with ease, sending funds to numerous bank accounts and e-wallets.

    Wind’s intuitive interface makes navigating this innovation effortless, catering to businesses of all sizes, even if you’re new to blockchain technology.

    Here are its key features:

    • Dashboard: A central dedicated dashboard for managing financial activities efficiently.
    • Decentralized Banking: Wind Business functions as a decentralized bank account, providing enhanced security and resistance to censorship.
    • On and off-ramp: Convert fiat currency into stablecoins & vice versa.
    • Payment Flexibility: Send single or batch payments to various recipients, including Wind Borderless Wallets, Polygon-based addresses, and traditional bank accounts. Allow your recipients to recieve either in stablecoins or in fiat.

    Built on the same Web3 stack as the rest of Wind, Wind Business – Wind.App acts as your uncensorable, decentralized bank account. 

    Follow these 4 easy steps to pay your employees, vendors, and service providers via crypto directly into their bank accounts.

    1. Create a Business Wallet

    Create a business wallet at this link Wind Business – Cheaper, faster, simpler international payouts.

    You will only need a valid email address, your company name, and your purpose for choosing Wind for your business.

    1. Add Money to Your Wallet

    To initiate seamless international transactions, you need to fund your Business Wallet. Wind offers multiple options for adding money, making it convenient for businesses of all sizes:

    • Wallet Address: Deposit funds securely into your Business Wallet using your unique Wind-provided wallet address for hassle-free transactions.
    • Bank Transfer: Effortlessly link your bank account to your Business Wallet through Wind.
    • Credit/Debit Card: Add funds to your Wind account swiftly with your credit or debit card.
    1. Add Recipient Information

    Now you’re ready to make payouts. Invite team members through Wind to pay them. In the “Things To Do” section on your home screen:

    – Tap “Invite” under “Invite team members” to add members via CSV or manually.

    – For those already added, use “Run Payroll” to pay employees in three steps:

        1. Select members, enter payable amounts (editable per member).

        2. Review sent amounts and your account balance.

        3. Complete payment by naming your payroll and confirming the transfer.

    For sending payouts to non-Wind user wallets, follow this guide : How to run payouts to non-Wind wallet users? | Wind Help Center or the following steps.

    1. Use the “Invite” button under “Invite team members.”
    2. Upload a CSV file or manually add members for invitations.
    3. For payments to Polygon chain wallets (e.g. MetaMask, WalletConnect), you’ll need the recipient’s name, email, and wallet address.

    Once recipient details are added, the wallet address cannot be changed. To update the wallet address, remove and re-add the user with the new address.

    1. Send Payouts Instantly

    With your funded Business Wallet and secure recipient info in hand, now send instant payouts effortlessly. 

    Wind’s platform streamlines transfers to recipients’ bank accounts, simplifying payments for international employees, vendor invoices, and service providers. 

    Wind is here to make your business’s financial operations smoother and more convenient than ever before. Know more about Wind Business here.

    Hope you enjoyed this post
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