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Save Money When You Spend Worldwide

Say Goodbye to Excessive Transaction Fees. Read How Wind.App Can Save You Money on Worldwide Spending

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  • April 30, 2024
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    Let’s talk about something that can cost hefty fees while spending worldwide. Those annoying charges that show up every time you use your money in different places around the world. 

    But don’t worry, we’ve a solution to help you spend smarter and keep those fees from eating up all your cash.

    You know, when you spend money worldwide, there are all kinds of fees hiding in the background, waiting to take some of your money. There are fees when you use your card, fees for the people who process your payments, and even fees just for using certain machines to pay. It’s like a big fee-party out there, and if you’re not careful, they can really start to pile up.

    What is the problem of different transaction fees

    When people spend money globally using traditional methods like wire transfers, banks, and traditional online payments, they often pay hefty amounts, which can significantly impact their overall spending.

    These fees can be categorized into various types, including interchange fees, payment processor fees, assessment fees, terminal fees and so on.

    Interchange fees are charged by credit card companies to offset the costs of handling fees and fraud. These fees vary based on the brand of credit card and the business’s industry. 

    Payment processor fees, on the other hand, are paid to the merchant services provider that enables a business to accept credit card payments. These fees may include monthly charges, per-transaction fees, and equipment lease fees. 

    Assessment fees are also paid to the credit card company and depend on the business’s monthly transaction volume with each credit card company.

    Terminal fees are another type of fee that merchants with brick-and-mortar locations need to pay for POS systems to handle credit card payments. These fees can vary significantly depending on the merchant’s needs.

    The more pricing tiers a processor uses, the more difficult it can be to understand monthly bills. Flat-rate pricing is the easiest pricing structure to understand, as it applies a uniform rate to any card transaction. 

    However, it may not offer the best deals for low-risk transactions. 

    Transaction Fees With Traditional payment method VS Wind.App 

    When comparing transaction fees for traditional payment methods like banks, online payment methods, and wire transfers with Wind.App transactions, several factors come into play.

    Traditional Payment Methods

    Traditional payment methods such as bank transfers, online payments, and wire transfers have long been the go-to options for making transactions. These methods are widely accepted but the only problem is high transaction fees with several definitions.


    Banks typically charge a percentage of the transaction amount, often around 2-3%, plus a fixed fee per transaction, which can range from 10 cents to a few dollars. These fees can vary based on the type of account, the amount of the transaction, and the specific bank’s policies.

    Online Payment 

    Online payment methods like PayPal, Stripe, and Square typically charge a percentage of the transaction amount, often around 2.9-3.5%, plus a fixed fee per transaction, which can range from 10 cents to 30 cents. These fees can vary based on the specific payment gateway and the type of account or services used.

    Wire Transfers

    Wire transfers can be particularly expensive, with fees often ranging from $25 to $50 or more per transfer. These fees can vary based on the specific bank or transfer service used, the amount of the transfer, and the destination country.


    Wind helps you to transfer your money at the lowest possible rate out there. There are no hidden fees, gas fees, assessment fees, terminal fees and so on. Here, the currency cash out fee is 0.5% on an average and all other modes of wallet to wallet transfers are completely FREE. However, there can be additional charges if the transfer is done using 3rd parties based on their policies. 

    How we can help you save $ while spending!

    Wind.App  is best for instant and secure money transfer at near-zero cost. We consider you in three different identities.

    Personal : For Individual Usage 

    • We offer an instant yet most secure fund transfer facility.
    • We provide the best exchange rate so you need not worry at all.
    • In terms of your Idle fund we offer the best interest rate.
    • No matter what happens in the crypto market your fund is secure without devaluation as we deal with stablecoin.

    Business : For Company Usage

    • We offer you to send payments to your remote team members with just a few clicks.
    • You can send money to your home country and withdraw to your local bank.
    • You can pay your employees, vendors and freelancers globally on near-zero cost.

    Developers : For Techies Usage

    • We provide Crypto <> Fiat API that can scale.
    • Pricing that works for you – best FX rates.
    • We handle KYC, KYB and all your compliance needs.

    Got More Queries? Shoot us an email at support@wind.app

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