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Starting a Business in Singapore : Your Ultimate Guide to Entrepreneurship


  • March 24, 2024
  • 3 min
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    If you’re eyeing Singapore as your business playground, you’re on a promising path. Singapore is a popular destination for both multinational and start-up businesses due to strong economy, advantageous locations and welcoming business atmosphere.But the first step is usually the hardest as with any great experience. Do not be alarmed! We are here to help you understand every step of launching a business in Singapore, from choosing the best business structure to navigating the legal requirements. Put on your business hat and let’s get started! 

    Selecting the Appropriate Business Structure

    First things first choose the framework of your company. There are several constructions available in Singapore,each with unique advantages and things to think about.

    • Sole proprietorship :
    • It is ideal for lone entrepreneurs and is easy to set up. Recall that your corporate and personal tax matters are combined here.
    • Partnership: This involves two or more individuals (up to 20). It’s all for one and one for all, as partners share liability.
    • Limited Partnership (LP): Here, there’s a mix. You have at least one general partner with unlimited liability and limited partners, who are only liable up to their investment.
    • Limited Liability Partnership (LLP): A hybrid of limited liability company and partnership flexibility. Great for professionals.
    • Company: This is the most formal approach, offering limited liability and separate legal identity. This one is favorite amongst bigger ventures. 

    Getting Started: Registration and Beyond

    Singapore has been reported as one of the easiest places to do business in World Bank’s “Doing Business”  report. The process is streamlined mostly online. Here’s what you need to do : 

    • Decide on a business name : Choose a business name that is both distinctive and descriptive.
    • Choose your business structure : Look over  the alternatives above and select the one that best fits your needs.
    • Register with ACRA : After submission, the online process is completed in approximately 15 minutes.
    • Sort Out Your Company Seal and Share Certificates: These are essential for authenticating documents and formalizing share ownership. 

    Legal Obligations and Keeping on the Right Side of the Law

    Once the business is set up there are few obligations you have to go through

    • Employer Liability insurance: This is mandatory as soon as you hire your first employee.
    • Goods and Services Tax (GST): Required once your turnover hits SGD 1 million.
    • Corporate Tax: Companies pay this on their earnings, while sole proprietors pay tax at personal rates.

    To guarantee smooth sailing, it is imperative that you become acquainted with these obligations. The ACRA website is a goldmine of information for handling the legal aspects of your business. 

    Where to Find Help and How to Grow

    Singapore is very supportive of businesses offering various avenues for assistance

    • SPRING Singapore: It worked as an agency for enterprise development, and helped enterprises enhance their competitiveness in the Singapore market. It helps businesses flourish, offering financing, grants, and resources.
    • Networking Events and Associations: Joining associations like the Association of Small & Medium Enterprises can open doors and connect you with like-minded entrepreneurs.

    Additionally, if you want to conduct businesses internationally you might want to use services like Wind.app, whose borderless account can help you avoid fees.

    The Bottom Line

    Establishing a business in Singapore is a thrilling experience that comes with both benefits and difficulties. Singapore’s advantageous location, thriving economy and encouraging government makes it the ideal place to start your entrepreneurial endeavors. So why hold off? Take charge of the procedure, work your way through the laws, and position your company for success. Who knows? The company might be the next great thing to take the Lion city and beyond by storm!

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