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Wind VIP Program

The wait is over! Wind.app has brought you the VIP program that you rightfully deserve

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  • May 4, 2024
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    We’re excited to introduce you to our newest VIP program, tailored to enrich the experience of our most active users.

    Joining the Wind.App VIP program brings a suite of exclusive advantages and privileges, such as reduced fees, access to specialized products, exclusive event invitations, priority customer support, and dedicated attention from our Key Account Management Team.

    If you’re keen on elevating your trading experience and becoming a Wind VIP, please fill out the form: https://forms.gle/Sepf5beoG2P9zxve8

    What a Wind VIP Gets that Others Just Don’t! 

    Lowest Fees for On/Off-Ramp: Our active VIP members get the most lucrative processing fees compared to any other wallets and our regular users. 

    Invitation to the Biggest Web3 Events: We’ve given away event tickets valued at over $300,000 to major events like Blockchain Life, Global Blockchain Show, Global AI Show, Token 2049, and Crypto Expo, among others. While regular users of Wind app must complete specific tasks to earn these tickets, our VIP users receive them for free!

    Flexible Limits: Wind VIP members get customized limits for Fiat-to-Stablecoins & Stablecoin-to-fiat deposits and withdrawals. 

    24/7 Dedicated Support: All our active VIPs receive around-the-clock priority assistance, with added Key Account support based on the VIP status.

    Fund Monitoring: When a Wind VIP initiates a transaction, we diligently track its status until it successfully reaches the intended account. 

    Founders’ Suite: Our top VIP club gets exclusive access to a private Slack channel to connect with the founders of Wind.app 

    Eligibility Check for Wind VIP Status: 

    Unlike others, we kept it simple, because we aim to make things straightforward for our most valued customers. 

    VIP StatusLast 90 Days Transaction VolFees24/7 SupportFlexible LimitsInvitation to Web3 EventsFund MonitoringFounders’ Suite
    VIP (Tier 3)$50,000 – $100,000Lower compared to regular users and other wallets.Email SupportYesNoNoNo
    VIP (Tier 2)$100,000 – $500,000Lower compared to tier 2 VIP.YesYesYesYesPrivate Slack Channel
    VIP (Tier 1)$500,000 – $1,000,000+Lowest among all other tiers.YesYesYesYesPrivate Slack Channel


    I’m not currently eligible to become a Wind VIP based on my transaction history on Wind.app, but I plan to make transactions soon. Can I be pre-enlisted as a VIP member?

    Answer: The Wind VIP program is exclusively for our most valued customers, and we typically do not enlist members based on anticipated activity. However, in certain situations, we might consider future commitments and conditions for early inclusion.

    I believe my past transactions make me eligible to become a Wind VIP user. Will I automatically receive VIP benefits?

    Answer: At this time, no. The VIP program is still in a trial phase with a controlled group. To be considered for VIP status, please complete this form and provide details about your eligibility.

    I was a Wind VIP previously, but I haven’t met the transaction requirements in the last 90 days. Will I lose my VIP status?

    Answer: You will receive a 30-day grace period to resume regular transactions and maintain your VIP status. This extension is provided to help you meet the necessary criteria without interruption to your benefits.

    Got More Queries? Shoot us an email at support@wind.app

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